After 35 years, HISCO's mission continues to focus on providing our customers the highest quality professional grade hand tools. Our latest Product Catalog is a culmination of our dedication to that mission. In this catalog, you will see that we continue to add new tools to further meet your specific needs and preferences. In addition to our original line of the best fiberglass-handled tools available, we now offer our Renegade line of high quality domestic ash-and-hickory-handled tools, and our Maverick line of imported ash-handled tools.
Trench Shovel Line-Up
HISCO's Undertaker
HISCO's ProGold Series
Mud Shovel from Toolite®

Comprehensive Trench Shovel Line-Up

HISCO proudly offers four styles of trench shovel blades to accommodate the various needs of our underground, irrigation, industrial and utility users.
A) Our Clean-Out blade, available in 3-inch and 4-inch widths, is specifically designed for trench clean-out and features a flat blade and 60 inch high-angle handle. This blade is not heat treated and should not be used as a digging tool.
B) Our patented TACO (Trench And Clean-Out) Tool™ and our new TACO Lite™ feature a revolutionary design that combines all of the features of a trench shovel and clean-out shovel. Available in 3-inch and 4-inch widths, this design features vertical sides for greater material retention, an improved heel for secure foot placement, closed back to eliminate material build up, and a flat bottom for clean cuts and complete trench clean-out. Our original TACO Tool™ is made of a heavy 12 gauge steel and has a 40 degree handle angle. Our new TACO Lite™ has the same design features as our original TACO Tool™ but is made of a lighter 16-gauge high carbon heat treated steel to reduce head weight while maximizing strength. The handle angle is 35 degrees and the tool comes in three handle lengths.
C) Our Step-Trench blade is made of 14-gauge high carbon heat treated steel and comes in 3-inch, 4-inch, 5-inch and 6-inch widths. The blade is the standard in the trench tool industry and is primarily used for digging.
D) Our Classic trench shovel blade is the original design of trench blades and is available in 4-inch and 5-inch widths. This slightly rounded blade with no step can be used for digging and trench clean-out. No matter what your demands are, HISCO has the right tool for the job!

HISCO's Undertaker™

HISCO's new Undertaker™ makes placing cable and conduit in trenches effortless. The guide tip is made of nonconductive, fiberglass filled hard nylon and is attached to our non-conductive one-half inch solid fiberglass rod with a “T” handle and polyvinyl butt grips.
This tool is a must for laying telephone, television and low voltage landscape lighting cable and conduit, as well as residential and commercial underground sprinkler lines. Combine the new Undertaker™ with any of our HICAT cable trenchers for all of your short-run drop cable projects.
Combine the new Undertaker™ with any of our HICAT
cable trenchers for all your short-run drop cable projects

HISCO's ProGold Series of Tools

The HISCO new ProGold Series of tools is a testament to our unwavering commitment to provide our customers with superior digging tools designed for intensive professional use. Our ProGold series of tools combines features of high quality steel blades and solid shank blades with a super thick-walled pultruded fiberglass handle with a solid wood core throughout the entire length, not just a few inches, or our 500 Series solid fiberglass handles. The HISCO ProGold extended steel sleeve with a weather resistant yellow Zink coating fits over the neck of the blade extending the natural stress point of the shovel handle, eight-inches on long handled tools and six-inches on short handled tools, providing unparalleled handle and and head-to-handle strength. The ProGold extended steel sleeve also provides protection from handle abrasion.

Mud Shovel from Toolite®

HISCO is proud to introduce the "Mud Shovel". Developed by Toolite® (U.S. Patent No. 5,601,325 with additional international patents) This shovel performs remarkably in wet soil, gumbo soils and damp clay. The holes in the blade allow soil, mud and clay to release effortlessly while draining excess fluids. The holes decrease the surface area of the blade making it lightweight yet strong. HISCO's traditional professional grade fiberglass handles make the HISCO "Mud Shovels" the choice of demanding users.

HISCO provides the highest quality professional grade hand tools on the market

Benefits of Fiberglass

  • Greater strength pound for pound than steel.

  • Will not transmit heat or cold, and will not conduct electricity.

  • Will not absorb moisture or warp.

  • Is non-corrosive and resistant to acids and other chemicals.

  • Is highly resistant to temperature changes.

  • Resists impact, is non-denting and difficult to damage.

Our Handle on Quality

Hollow fiberglass handles may be fine for recreational use but if you must rely on your hand tools everyday, HISCO's fiberglass handles have a legacy of premium performance. All HISCO handles are produced from thousands of continuous strands of fiberglass saturated with thetrmosetting resins and a non-fiberglass polyester veil impregnated on the surface. The veil gives the handle a smooth finish and keeps the fiberglass from splintering.

HISCO's fiberglass handles have a legacy of premium performance.

Other Quality HISCO Handles

  1. HISCO's workhorse handle is solid fiberglass and we use this handle on our 500 Series tools, digging bars and cant hooks. Unsurpassed in strength, the weight of the handle becomes an asset when digging in hard, compact and rocky soils or when using the tool to cut through tree roots.
  2. Our signature fiberglass handle used on our digging tools features a thick wall fiberglass tube, which is less flexible than poly-molded handles, and has a solid fiberglass inner core in the base followed by a polystyrene core through the remaining portion of the handle. The solid fiberglass core extends the stress point above the criticalneck or collar portion of the handle which increases its overall strength and durability. The handles used on our roofing tools and scoop type tools, that are not usually subjected to the same types of stress as digging tools, feature the same thick wall fiberglass tube and a polystyrene core throughout.
  3. On tools that require less strength, such as our rakes, brooms, lutes and hoes, we use our fiberglass handle with a honeycomb plastic core.
  4. All of our long handle digging tools feature our new 8-inch Tuffoam double-dip grips which have been designed for the toughest industrial applications. The grips feature a durable, vinyl inner liner and a comfortable, non-slip foam exterior that provides long life and helps prevent potential harmful hand fatigue.
  5. Our D-Grips, used on short and midlength handled tools, are made of one-piece high-density nylon. Rake and hoe handles have durable polyvinyl butt grips.

Private Labeling of Handles

One of the many benefits of purchasing HISCO products is participation in our Private Label Program. With an initial pre-paid freight order, we build your tools to order and complete them with your company label on the handle FREE of charge. Your company label will then be stored in our Private Label inventory for future orders. You will also have the option of having your fiberglass- handled tools made with our HISCO safety orange handles or our high visibility yellow fiberglass. The choice is yours! It is an easy way to advertise your company without expensive costs. Call HISCO customer service for further details.